COVID -19 Emergency Food Fund


We face the biggest humanitarian crisis in generations – a crisis that is changing shape every week as it unfolds. This is an urgent appeal to donate so that we can provide basic food packages for children in India whose families have lost their livelihoods or are displaced due to COVID-19.

Without immediate action, these children are at risk of falling through the cracks and becoming vulnerable to starvation and exploitation.

We have identified families who live below the poverty line and do not have access to food rations or other relief through the State’s Public Distribution System. We work with trusted project partners and have established pipelines in place to deliver basic food packages during this crisis.

You can help us save lives. The crisis will significantly worsen over the coming weeks.

One relief package containing rice, pulses, oil and salt @ 40 CAD will provide enough food for a month.

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Each relief package at $40 supplies one month of food rations and basic hygiene kits for an entire family.

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* The amount raised is updated once a day.