Help keep one vulnerable girl in school.

For $20 a month or $240 a year, you can sponsor a girl in primary or middle school to ensure that her right to education is protected. Every child not in school is vulnerable to trafficking, child labour and child marriage.Girl in school

Your sponsorship will cover the cost of school supplies, additional tutoring, counselling, nutrition and transportation. Regardless of academic merit, your donation will help provide scholarships to girls who are most vulnerable in the villages we work in.


Keep one girl safe from trafficking by sponsoring her education

Your donation of $210 for a month or $2500 a year will be a lifeline for a vulnerable girl who would otherwise be forced to follow her community’s traditions and be trafficked into sex work.

Your support will protect her by sponsoring her high school or post-secondary education with boarding and lodging, empowering her to break free from the pressures of entering the sex trade.

You can also contact us at for alternative payment methods.